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The Beauty of the Adriatic
Where Nature is Luxury



The sparkling shores of the Adriatic and the lush natural beauty surrounding each riviera has inspired each Bogavia plant-powered beauty collection.

Being in the Adriatic is like an instant spa treatment for the mind, body and soul. It's nature is simultaneously simple and luxurious, and I love the harmonious balance I feel from these two elements blending perfectly together. This balance is what I strive for in each Bogavia formulation; simple, plant-based ingredients that blend into an extraordinary, luxurious experience.

The unique Mediterranean charm of the Adriatic endlessly feeds my imagination. There is a sense of royalty and reverence in the way the Mediterranean cultures approach flowers and fruits, herbs and spices, leaves and roots. I share this awe and respect, and use it to create beautiful products, designed to treat you like royalty.




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