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A Note from Alison, the Creator of Bogavia



I am so excited for Bogavia Beauty of the Adriatic to become a part of your health and beauty routine. Everyday my Bogavia makes me feel fit, fresh and pampered, and I know it will do the same for you.

A Mediterranean love for beauty has shaped my life and my imagination. I've always gone off in search of beautiful things, and it began with my years spent as a pastry chef in Florence, Italy. I loved the meticulous approach you must take when creating pastries and all the smiles that beautiful desserts bring.

After living in Italy, I was inspired by the respect and reverence they have for fresh ingredients, high standards, simple preparations and the joy for beautiful food. I always felt so healthy and nourished, and I loved the way it made me look. I wanted to share this feeling with everyone, so I began "Leave it to Alison," and as a Personal Chef and Culinary Healthstyle Specialist, I transformed the way my clients ate through the Mediterranean Diet. This Mediterranean approach and its emphasis on plant-based, freshly prepared foods, allowed me to create luxurious, colorful, flavorful, super healthy meals.

I fell in love with how all the plan ingredients I was using and eating made me [and my clients'] skin and hair look and feel. It is at this point that Bogavia was born. I wanted to blend the transformative powers I witnessed plant ingredients have with the transformative powers I've always felt showering has [I am notorious for my long showers, it is my favorite thing in the world] to create products that can transform the way you look and feel. I've put all of my discoveries from my backgrounds in the Culinary Arts, Gastronomy, Holistic Health, Fashion and lots of travel to bring you Bogavia.

What I love most about Bogavia is that we are a company of artists. Together as a team, we blend all of our imaginations and specialities, to bring you dreamy products that care for your mind, body and soul.




bogavia-alisonsketch.jpg bogavia-chef.jpg bogavia-robertocoin.jpg

Leave it to Alison. My first business. The

Mediterranean diet was my way to

pamper with fresh and healthy food.

Training with the world renowned Chef Jacques

Pepin at Boston University. 


Working with Italian jewelry designer, Roberto Coin,

in Vicenza, Italy. 


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