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Our Story

Two years ago, my girlfriend was diagnosed with a tumor spanning from the base of her head down her neck. It was feeding off of her carotid artery and would require a delicate surgery and a one-of- a-kind miracle to remove. After hearing the diagnosis, neither she nor I could help but fill our minds with grim future scenarios. This mindset brought stress and anxiety into our lives, and it also prevented us from getting any restful sleep at night. When we approached the doctor for a remedy to our sleep deprivation, he was cautious to hand us a prescription for medication; instead, he pointed us to a safe alternative: aromatherapy. He recommended that we use a lavender-scented aromatherapy spray on our pillows when we want to fall asleep. From the very first night of use, we noticed the calming effects of the lavender scent. We fell asleep faster and stayed asleep longer. This simple spray bottle brought so many benefits to our daily lives. I was able to perform better in school and also in sports. With more rest came less stress and anxiety throughout the day. I felt closer to normal again, and all I wanted was to share this discovery. With the help of a couple friends who have similar passions and a group of world-class industry professionals, we were able to create Give A Dream.

- Sozae Co-Founder

Our Mission

Sleep, relaxation, and health have been thought to be linked for thousands of years. Essential oils have also been used throughout history to bring relief and relaxation to people. They are natural aromatic compounds found in the seeds, bark, stems, roots, flowers, and other parts of plants and have amazing power to influence how people feel. Our mission is to create a relaxing essential oil aromatherapy-based nighttime routine that helps people fall asleep through relieving the effects of stress and anxiety. For every purchase of our signature Lullaby Lavender sleep mist, we will donate a bottle to a cancer patient in need of more restful sleep.

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