Williamsville East PTSA

Williamsville East PTSA

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What is PTSA

PTSA stands for parent, teacher, student association. The WEHS PTSA is an involved group of individuals that work together promoting many great events, field trips, community involvement and donations for the good of our students and the school.

More than half of the dollars we raise go to fund scholarships, helping hands, endowment, a farmers market, reflections and post prom. The PTSA grants $3800 in scholarships and awards yearly to graduating seniors. PTSA also sponsors a program called Helping Hands which purchases yearbooks, classroom books, senior prom tuxedos or other items which a student cannot otherwise afford.

PTSA provides Endowment funds which go back to the classroom to pay for field trips, guest speakers and other activities which enhance your child’s learning experience.Additionally, each year the PTSA provides funds for the senior breakfast and Post Prom event.

Thank you for your support of the Williamsville East PTSA.